Beauty and the Book

 Over the last month I’ve visited various Bibby Line Group locations including Edinburgh, Banbury, Leicester, Crewe, Manchester and Liverpool. We’ve read whole swathes of some of the very best in English literature. The most popular choices have included extracts from Stuart: A Life Backwards by Alexander Masters, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon, My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell, short stories by authors as diverse as Frank Cottrell Boyce and Anton Chekov, and poems by William Wordsworth, e.e.cummings, Lao Tzu, Mary Oliver, Sheenagh Pugh, Lewis Carroll and Lord Alfred Tennyson.

I have met some extraordinary people, some of whom are responsible for filling me with the hope that it’s never too late to unearth a dormant passion for literature. For example, this week one man in Liverpool explained the transformation that has taken place in his reading habits since attending the reading group in his office:

‘Now I take the time to read every word. Before I just skim read everything. I’m starting to enjoy all the beautiful description in the books I read. I didn’t even notice it before!’

Maybe you’re already a voracious reader. Perhaps you class yourself as an ambivalent non-reader. You might even hate poetry with a passion. Whatever your viewpoint, I’d love to read with you. Get Into Reading welcomes everyone because it offers new ways into literature.


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