Poem of the Week

This week’s poem is dedicated to all of you who’ve ever indulged in an office flirtation or romance – whether real or imagined! It’s quite a ‘sweet-hearted’ little poem and should bring a smile to your face on this beautiful sunshine-y day. Let me know what you think on the comments board or via email!


Water Cooler Moments


We shared water-cooler moments

Every other day

Wishful water cooler moments

And they can’t take them away

Wry, dry looks that had no witnesses

Rueful smiles and knowing grimaces

I can’t prove it, but we shared them

And I like to think you cared then

That you weren’t just being nice to me

You sent memos with your eyes to me

And I reciprocated

Though I may have mistranslated

-Meanings added, meanings missed-

I’m pretty sure I got the gist


We didn’t ever action

Our un-minuted attraction

We each knew that we shouldn’t

So we didn’t, though we could, it

Seemed we had an understanding

Or that’s how I understood it

Till that moment when you winced at me

Went halfway to convincing me

I’d passed the out-of-order line

And hovered on the borderline

Between being an embarrassment

And being charged with harassment

And then you merged with Marketing


And now to my intense regret

You use the little kitchenette

That’s time-shared with the 2nd floor

A long mile down the corridor

The rest’s not even history

There never was a you and me

Though there might have been so easily

There’s a question that’s implicit here

And I admit I’m begging it –

Okay, the word “relationship”

Pudding-wise, is over-egging it

But first stone-wise, let those who’ve never

Wished and wondered cast it –

It was a beautiful speculationship

While it lasted.


By Matt Harvey



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3 responses to “Poem of the Week

  1. Rhian

    I like this poem!! It’s made my Friday a happy Friday!! Thanks!

  2. ellajolly

    So glad you like it! It is poem that makes you smile somehow – even though the romance doesn’t have a happy-ever-after ending.

  3. Mark

    Anyone spot the reference to a Billy Wilder film…?

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