Why not Get Into Reading, too?

Every so often, I am lucky enough to receive some truly lovely emails from people working across BLG. Last Tuesday, in response to my question ‘what does the reading group do for you?’, Barbara Lewis (from the BLG office in Liverpool) sent me a wonderfully enthusiastic endorsement of the Reader-in-Residence project at Bibby Line Group:


From: Barbara Lewis
Sent: Tue 04/11/2008 11:56
To: Ella Jolly
Subject: Get Into Reading


Dear Ella


A brief note to thank you for all you have done over the last few months with the Bibby Get Into Reading sessions.  I have thoroughly enjoyed each session attended, and hope they continue well into the future.


“What does the reading group do for me and why do I keep coming back?”


Well, this is twofold:


You have challenged my brain!! Some of the stories and poems we have enjoyed over the last few months have certainly challenged the intellect! Some of the literature I would not have considered reading, but I’ve gained much by reading it. The book recommendations from the other readers in the group are good.


I really enjoy the interaction with the other group members – listening to their views on both the stories and poems we have read.  With poetry, the views of the group are quite often very different in relation to their understanding of what the poems are saying, and I have found this to be very stimulating.  


Your enthusiasm, commitment and sense of humour are delightful and I hope you, too, have enjoyed the experience.






If Barbara’s words have inspired you to Get Into Reading at Bibby Line Group, send me an email (ella.jolly@bibbylinegroup.co.uk)– I’d love to hear from you.


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