Poetry Advent Calendar: 6th December

Sir Winter


I heard Sir Winter coming,

He crept out of his bed

And rubbed his thin and freezing hands:

‘I’ll soon be up!’ he said.


‘I’ll shudder at the keyhole

And rattle at the door,

I’ll strip the trees of all their leaves

And strew them on the floor.’


‘I’ll harden every puddle

That Autumn thinks is his –

I’ll lay a sparkling quilt of snow

On everything that is!’


‘I’ll bring a load of darkness

As large as any coal,

And drive my husky dogs across

The world, from pole to pole.’


‘Oho! How you will shiver!’

– And then I heard him say;

‘But in the middle of it all

I’ll give you

                                CHRISTMAS DAY!’

Jean Kenward


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