Poetry Advent Calendar: 11th December

For anyone worrying about the cost of Christmas – especially in these credit crunch times – remember, the greatest gift you can give is love.



All The Days of Christmas


What shall my true love

Have from me

To pleasure his Christmas


The partridge has flown

From our pear tree.

Flown with our summers

Are the swans and geese.

Milkmaids and drummers

Would leave him little peace.

I’ve no gold ring

And no turtle dove,

So what can I bring

To my true love?


A coat for the drizzle

Chosen at the store;

A saw and a chisel

For mending the door;

A pair of red slippers

To slip on his feet;

Three striped neckties;

Something sweet.


He shall have all

I can best afford –

No pipers piping,

No leaping lord,

But a fine fat hen

For his Christmas board;

Two pretty daughters

(Versed in the role)

To be worn like pinks

In his buttonhole;

And the tree of my heart

With its calling linnet –

My evergreen heart

And the bright bird in it.

Phyllis McGinley


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