A Christmas List: Part I

With only eight shopping days left until Christmas, like me you may now be panicking at the thought of all those un-bought (never mind unwrapped) presents. If you’re stuck for ideas, why not buy a book? I know it can be overwhelming when you’re confronted with a massive selection in Waterstones or Borders and have no idea which one to pick – so to make it easier for you, over the next few days I’ll be posting a selection of suggestions. All books recommended have been tried and tested and will make failsafe presents!


I’ve been in touch with Tricia Lee, the Senior Children’s Librarian for Central Library in Liverpool. She has compiled a list of titles which would make fantastic presents for children of any age. Today we kick off with picture books and books for younger children.


Get in touch via email if you’d like any help with buying a book this Christmas.


Tricia’s List


Picture story books


Lots of really good stuff around. Best to have a look & choose whichever would suit the child but here are a few I love & use regularly for storytelling:


ALBOROUGH, Jez                          Duck in the Truck (or any in the Duck series)

ANDREAE, Giles                             Pants

Giraffes Can’t Dance

BLAKE, Quentin                              Fantastic Daisy Artichoke

BROWNE, Anthony                       Changes

BROWNE, E.                                    Handa’s Surprise

BURNINGHAM, John                  Courtney

                                                                 Mr Gumpy’s Outing         

BUTTERWORTH, N.                    The Whisperer

CHILD, Lauren                               I Will Not Ever Never Eat A Tomato!

DONALDSON, Julia                      Gruffalo

                                                                Gruffalo’s Child.

                                                                Room On The Broom    (my favourite!)

DUNBAR, Polly                               Penguin

HUGHES, Shirley                           any of the Alfie series

INKPEN, Mick                                 any of the Wibbly Pig series

LONG, Jonathon                             Cat That Scratched

                                                                Dog Who Could Dig.

McKEE, David                                  any of the Elmer series

MELLING, David                            Two By Two And A Half.

MITTON, Tony                               Down By The Cool Of The Pool.

MURPHY, Jill                                  any of the Large Family series

                                                                The Last Noo-Noo.

ROSEN, Michael                             We’re Going On A Bear Hunt.

SCOTTEN, Rob                               Russell The Sheep

THOMAS, Valerie                           any in the Winnie the Witch series

WADELL, Martin                            any by this author but I especially like Owl Babies

Pig in the Pond

WHYBROW, I.                                 any of the Harry & the Dinosaurs series

WILLIS, Jean                                    Grill Pan Eddy



Younger Readers


DOUGHERTY, John                     Jack Slater Monster Investigator

                                                                Niteracy Hour

RIDDELL, Chris                              Ottoline And The Yellow Cat

SIMON, Francesca                          any of the Horrid Henry series

STRONG, Jeremy:                          Beware! Killer Tomatoes


                                                                 Krazy Kow Saves The World – Well Almost!


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  1. samza

    I loved Tales from Jabba’s Palace. It’s so great to see I’m not the only one. It was great to see how you came up with your idea for this story.

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