A Christmas List: Part III

The final part of Tricia Lee’s recommended books for children this Christmas:


For Older Readers


ALMOND, David                                             Clay

BOWLER, Tim                                                 Frozen fire

BROOKS, Kevin                                               Black Rabbit Summer

CASSIDY, Anne                                               Looking for JJ

CASSIDY, Cathy                                              Lucky star

DOWD, Siobhan                                             A Swift Pure Cry

DOWNHAM, Jenny                                       Before I Die

JOHNSON, Pete                                              Avenger


LAIRD, Elizabeth                                            Crusade

LOTT, Tim                                                         Fearless

McCAUGHREAN, Geraldine                     Pack of Liars

White Darkness

RAI, Bali                                                              Angel Collector

ROSSOFF, Meg                                                How I live Now

What I was

VALENTINE, Jenny                                       Finding Violet Park

ZUSAK, Markus                                              The Book Thief


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