Tell Us A Story: 7 DAYS TO GO!

The writer Francis Spufford once said ‘We have story-shaped brains’. Something that has really struck me throughout my time with Bibby Line Group is how eagerly and enthusiastically people share their own life stories. This is often in relation to a text we’re discussing in a reading group, and sometimes just spontaneously.


In light of this, as part of the Reader-in-Residence project at Bibby Line Group, all BLG employees and their families are invited tell us a story and submit a piece of creative writing for the first ever BLG writing competition.


There are very few restrictions. Write a poem, a short story, the opening to a novel, a play or even a film script. Write about anything that inspires you, and write however much – or little – you like. The one stipulation is that the writing must be your own original work and must not have been entered into any other competition previously.


I will judge the entries, alongside a guest judge. Entries will be divided into three categories:


·         Children under  12

·         Young people under 18

·         Adults


1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes (in the form of book vouchers) will be awarded to the three best submissions within each category. There will also be an overall winner whose main prize (in addition to others) will be the publication of their entry (or part of it) in the next issue of the Bibby News and on this blog.


So if you’ve always longed to see your name in print, pick up your pen or turn on your computer, and get writing!


The closing date is Friday 16th January 2009 and all entries should be sent to Tell Us A Story!, Ella Jolly, 105 Duke Street, Liverpool, L1 5JQ or via email to



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