Poem of the Week

Today’s Poem of the Week is a love poem for the 21st century. As 21st century readers, what do you think of it? Can you relate to it? Is it more or less relevant than one of Shakespeare’s sonnets, for example? Let me know…




I tend the mobile now

like an injured bird.


We text, text, text

our significant words.


I re-read your first,

your second, your third,


Look for the small xx,

feeling absurd.


The codes we send

arrive with a broken chord.


I try to picture your hands,

their image is blurred.


Nothing my thumbs press

will ever be heard. 

Carol Ann Duffy



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2 responses to “Poem of the Week

  1. Louise Downing

    Perhaps it’s time to start talking to each other again ……

    I find the last few words quite sad .

    Sadly I am just as guilty as being a Texter rather than a caller !!

  2. Cy Green

    As technology improves does inter-personal communication, and communing, deteriorate? I think we all know the answer. We’re all grateful for easier, cheaper telecommunications across the miles but I feel we must consider how we communicate sensitive, delicate messages where I can think of nothing worse than a TEXT !!

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