Poem of the Week

The clocks are due to go forward by one hour this weekend, officially marking the end of winter and the beginning of British Summer Time. Consequently, I thought today’s Poem of the Week should honour/reflect that. Enjoy!


New Season


No coats today. Buds bulge on chestnut trees,

And on the doorstep of a big, old house

A young man stands and plays his flute.


I watch the silver notes fly up

And circle in the blue sky above the traffic,

Travelling where they will.


And suddenly this paving-stone

Midway between my front door and the bus stop

Is a starting point.


From here I can go anywhere I choose.


Wendy Cope


Wendy Cope’s poem New Season is full of the optimism and hope which seems to abound at spring-time. The poem cheerily describes the minor glories of a beautiful spring day: the fact you don’t have to wear a coat; the sight of budding chestnut blossom, and the sound of a flautist’s musical notes ‘travelling where they will’. In the final verse, something as ordinary as a ‘paving-stone’ between the ‘front door and the bus stop’ suddenly takes on greater meaning. It is not just pavement, but a ‘starting point’ for a new season, and a new life. The last line is a joyful, almost ecstatic, declaration of possibility: ‘From here I can go anywhere I choose.’ Yes we can.



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3 responses to “Poem of the Week

  1. Rhian

    Very Liberating!! Just what I needed to cheer me up on this dull windy day! It’s made my day happy, warm and sunny!!!

  2. Louise Willis

    What a lovely poem. Its like a quick sketch – just the barest details. I love the imagery of the young man playing his flute and the ‘silver notes flying up’.

  3. Colin

    I must disagree with the above two comments.

    Whilst many brief poems can be a breath of fresh air, I found this one to be a tiresome affair.

    Structurally unsound with terribly weak imagery, it limps to an anticlimactic end. Far from brightening up my day I have been left feeling cold and disillusioned.

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