The Persistence of Memory

I saw this last night and just had to share. It’s from Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, the thirteen-part TV series by science-writer and astronomer Carl Sagan, originally broadcast in 1980 but recently re-mastered and re-released as a gorgeous DVD box-set. I couldn’t recommend the series – or the book that accompanies it – highly enough if I had a thousand years and every superlative in every language in the world at my disposal. A fascinating, inspiring and hauntingly poetic voyage of discovery through life, the universe and everything.

This clip is from an episode called ‘The Persistence of Memory’ (from the Dali painting) which looks at intelligence and the evolution of the brain. And, yes, it’s about books! Luckily, some kind soul had posted it on YouTube. I apologise for the quality – but only of the picture!


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